pastel-pet-portrait-1-2022This year I have not added any new portraits to my website, but I have been busy producing many new pet portraits which can now be seen at the top of my gallery page. I have also added a round-up of some of this years favourites which you can get a taste of  here. I look forward to creating many more pet portraits in 2023.

I have just finished another new commission for 2021 in time for the end of May – I hope you enjoy it. If you would like to commission a portrait of your pet please do drop me a line. I have sent my work to many parts of the USA and many different countries around the world as well as all over the UK

Pet portraits 2021 Steve Morris

Here is one of my first new commissions of 2021 enjoy. If you would like to commission a portrait of your pet who has no doubt helped you through this past difficult year please do drop me a line.

First pet portrait of 2021

Please enjoy My most recent portrait completed June 2020

Steve Morris Pet Portraits

Here is one of my latest commissions I have recently completed. Please note I have a new address which is on my contact page and at the bottom of the website.

pastel-pet-portrait 2020

Well, 2018 proved to be another productive and creative year – Here is the last work I completed in 2018. I am looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for me. If you have not already seen my facebook page please do take a look and see my work as it progresses and offers that may be available. I hope you like my last offering from this year. 


A new commission on the board again folks and the last one of the year!

This time we have an extra challenge, a six-dog portrait broken down to 2 x 3 dogs, it would have been exceptional if it was 6 on 1 as originally thought.

We have a right `Royal` mix going on here and here you see the start of the first portrait of three on one.

As usual it’s pastels on velour, and as usual, I start with the eyes, such a good reflection in them which always makes my job all the more enjoyable.

The last picture shows all the base colours laid down ready for the detailing.

Stay tuned folks I’ll be loading more as I progress.




huskie-pastel-dog-portraitsFinished this beautiful painting of two wonderful dogs called storm and spirit.

Using pan pastels, inscribe soft pastels, Jacksons handmade soft pastels and Derwent pencil pastels all on velour.

Measuring 20 x 27 inches.


Another pastel portrait on velour.

Two gorgeous Huskies on one picture in time for someone’s Christmas present from Santa.

Here you can see ‘Spirit’,  the first of two dogs.

This one is proving to be a challenge with getting the colours spot on but I DO love the challenge.

One of my biggest problems of late is getting the colour correct….Not because of the lack of my ability to do so but of my `Printers` ability to actually print out the correct colour in the first place which I always do for ease of reference.

The client sends me a digital image/photo that I then enlarge and print out for my reference when starting the portrait. This helps me to get the perspectives etc correct.

Just lately though I`ve found myself asking the clients (if possible) to call in and agree the colour specs before I start or shortly afterwards.

Stay tuned for the completion of ‘Spirit and the addition of ‘Storm’ the second of the two dogs.




This new commission you see here has been on my drawing board for at least a week now.

A beautifully detailed photo was sent (Along with the deposit, lol) and, with the velour and pastels ready, `both soft and pencil pastels` away I went.

After a lengthy discussion with the client, and personal visits regarding the colour, size requirements and composition, I got started.

First (as always) I started on the eyes and the surrounding features. Next up was the muzzle (Whiskers and all) but this time I progressed differently!

Whereas with ALL my other portraits I lay down a base colour all over the area that the face covers, this time I only worked on a small area at a time and I guess this may be because of the amount of wonderful detailing I was presented with. After-all….it`s the smallest of details that help to bring a portrait to life.

Very few `Soft pastels` were used in this piece. I laid down a small area of `Sepia` first and overlaid this with a sharp pointed sepia pencil and built up the layers with burnt umber and other colours to achieve the required finish, it`s all about layers when trying to achieve the hair or fur of an animal.

Always…Always, try to keep your pastels sharp!

This portrait is just about finished but next time I’ll post from the start of the portrait, see you soon.